Pioneer In-Dash Car Audio Products – Reviews and Buying Guide


Pioneer just got better. There is an whole new line of In-Dash units from Pioneer that will definitely dominate the market in 2012. These new models are filled with features more than ever before . One of new options will be compatibility with Android powered devices which will enrich user experience even more. Some of the units as AVIC-Z140BH will come with Included Traffic Tuner while others will offer some other interesting options. The focus was also given to the simplicity of the user interface of the AVH-P4400BH model, which is now more smoother than ever before.

This is achieved by eliminating complicated layered selection displays. Visit us soon to check out at first hand reviews about these new products and where to find the best price. The brand new model AVH-P3400BH from Pioneer, will definitely be a tough guy to compete with, when talking about the value for money. The Pioneer will surely change the way you drive this year with new AVIC-X940BT that has additional 12 million points of interests, the navigation unit will deliver all the sensibility that you need when you are on the road. New addition to line for 2012 is great receiver AVH-P2400BT if you are tight on a budget for your new head unit, this particular device gives you great essential features, while allowing you the options to upgrade the unit in the future.

The new Pioneer AVH series in-dash multimedia receivers.

The new Pioneer AVH series in-dash multimedia receivers are designed to provide you with an exceptional Audio/Video experience, enhanced portable device connectivity and improved communication capabilities. This is deffinitelly high end class in In Dash mukimedia audio/video recievers market.

Pioneer® introduced 3 new models for the AVH series: AVH-P6300BT, AVH-P4300DVD and AVH-P3300BT. They are equipped with 5.8” to 7” motorized Touchscreen LCD displays with an enhanced user-friendly interface and iPhone®/iPod® support. Pioneer® decided to correspond to today’s lifestyle standards by integrating a more intuitive touch slide interface which allows the user to quickly and easily navigate through menus and large media lists. It also allows you to integrate and take control of your portable media devices with the new Pioneer® user interface.

Pioneer AVH series in-dash multimedia receivers are equipped with USB connectivity, SD card playback and have support for a variety of add-on modules, such as Satellite Radio and GPS navigation so u can enjoy your favorite music regardless of source.

The advanced Pioneer AVIC series – top of the line in-dash multimedia GPS navigation systems.

Today it’s all about staying “connected” and using various portable and smartphone devices while on the go. By introducing the new Pioneer AVIC series in-dash navigation system, Pioneer® has gone one step beyond and made it possible for users to stay connected to social networks, local searches and traffic services while driving their car safely. 

With the new AVIC-Z130BT and AVIC-X930BT you can integrate your personal devices into the car environment easily.

Large LCD touchscreen display, with integrated iPhone® and iPod® support, allows you to take full control of your portable media and smartphone device while keeping your focus on the road. By introducing a new user interface specially designed for in-car use with integrated voice control features, Pioneer® has taken car safety to a whole new level, justifying their position as a world leader in aftermarket automotive technologies.

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