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Pioneer AVH-P6300BT Discount - Save 17%Pioneer AVH-P6300BT  – My Favorite In Dash unit from Pioneer

7″ In-Dash Single Din DVD AV Receiver with iPod/iPhone Control, Bluetooth, Pandora

Pioneer AVH-P6300BTAVH-P6300BT – Probably the best screen on the market

The new Pioneer AVH-P6300BT is manufacturers’ top in-dash DVD/AV multimedia receiver model. And for a good reason it is. List Price for this model is $839. Click here to check best price for this unit.

In a vast sea of in-dash multimedia receivers it is hard to decide which is the right one for you. Pioneer has always been known for making high quality products at a reasonable price and at the start of 2011 they released several new in-dash receivers in the AVH series. My favorite is AVH-P6300BT and it is for many reasons.

Its motorized flip-out 7” Touchscreen panel just blows you away. You wouldn’t expect something like that from such a small device. The resolution is WQVGA (480×240) with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. It has automatic display positioning and a range from 50 to 110 degrees in selected angle settings. The LCD screen is fully Anti-glare coated and also has a detachable face for added security which is very handy.

The first impression

AVH-P6300BT In Dash mounted - Super Price

Taking it out of the box it looked pretty small, just like some old car cassette player and I was a little disappointed to be honest. But when it was connected and that enormous screen got out of that small device I was amazed. Its 7” LCD Touchscreen is possibly the best screen I’ve seen on the market so far. And they way it just slides out of that small unit just blows you away.

The new AVH-P6300BT has a WQVGA resolution with 480×240 pixels and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio but the image looks so much better than you would expect from this type of display. It is fully anti-glare coated but I didn’t get a chance to test it in direct sunlight just yet. The display can be automatically adjusted to 5 different viewing positions or can be manually positioned by changing the angle setting between 50 and 110 degrees.

It also has various settings for background images, animations and key illuminations to keep you busy if you get bored. An excellent thing is the detachable face security option if you happen to be somewhere where you don’t want to leave your unit unattended.

avh-p6300btAmazing media support and more

The amazing AVH-P6300BT will play probably any type of media you put in it. It is CD-R/RW – DVD-R/RW compatible and can play Video, DVD and DivX movies but it can also play your DivX and JPEG files from your SD card or USB device.

When it comes to audio files support this unit has it all, from music CD’s to digital audio like MP3, WMA and iTunes® AAC and that is something you would expect from a top Pioneer® model. But this guy comes with a little more. It has a linear PCM decoder, Dolby® Digital decoder, DTS Digital Out™ and most importantly it has a Digital-to-Analog (D/A) 96 kHz/24 bit converter which will make your car audio sound even better.

Integrated Supertuner IIID® with 24 station and 6 presets, BSM (Best Station Memory) and RDS will be more than enough to satisfy your needs.

Powerful but clean playback with Pioneer AVH-P6300BT

Next thing I wanted to test was the quality of the playback. It is equipped with a MOSFET amplifier that can give you 50 W on 4 channels and 22 W of RMS power. That is enough for regular speaker systems but you should not expect much if you own a high powered system or a sub woofer.

Equipped with Sonic Center Control which allows you to set particular listening positions, Advanced Sound Retriever that will correct all irregularities made by digital audio compression and EEQ (Easy EQ) preset equalizer, the Pioneer AVH-P6300BT is a mini sound studio in your car.

From the start it had excellent sound quality even before setting up the equalizers. The integrated PCM decoder and the Digital-to-Analog 96 kHz/24 bit converter do a great job and have a huge impact on sound quality along with Advanced Sound Retriever system that corrects any errors made during the digital compression of music. It also comes with a Dolby Digital decoder and a DTS digital out which are standard for this type of units from Pioneer.

Now it was time to test the equalizers 

Pioneer AVH-P6300BT Best Price

It has an 8-band graphic equalizer with Easy EQ option that has preset tone curves for quick selection and 3 loudness modes. Setting the equalizers manually is pretty easy and accurate and can really improve your sound quality if you put some effort in it. And if you want even better quality sound you can get the additional Auto equalizer module from Pioneer. It also has an integrated high and low pass and a sub woofer crossover. A thing that I really like is the new SLA (Source Level Adjustment) technology that allows you to adjust volume levels between many different sources independently which can save you a lot of time.

I was impatient to test my new device with the rest of devices that I have 🙂 The thing that made me choose this model over the P4300DVD, other than the single-din housing anyway, is the integrated Bluetooth adapter. It allows you to connect your portable devices much easier and quicker and it has built-in support for phone call streaming through your speakers and an external voice microphone with distortion filter is included. But if you like cable connections better you can always use the USB port in the front to connect your favorite gadgets.

It is specially optimized for iPhone and iPod with integrated support for Pandora internet radio and iTunes. You will need an additional cable from Pioneer to connect your Apple devices but it is worth the money. It has improved compatibility and you can even take control of your iPhone or iPod from main display with the app mode.

If you are a radio lover like me you are going to love this receiver. It has the new Pioneer Supertuner IIID with 24 stations and 6 presets. The BSM (Best Station Memory) is a great detail that you will certainly like. But if you really like listening to the radio you would want to get some of the great add-on modules available for this unit. You can choose between HD radio, XM satellite radio and SIRIUS satellite radio or just get them all together.

A great way to save some money is by using your iPhone GPS but if money is not a major issue for you there is an additional navigation module from Pioneer for your AVH-P6300BT which will transform it to a full in-dash navigation system. Additional screens or a rear view camera can be added also or even an additional DVD player. You also get a wireless remote control but it also has Steering Wheel Remote support which is always a good option.

Pioneer AVH-P6300BT ConnectivityImproved connectivity

The Pioneer AVH-P6300BT is designed to allow you connect all your favorite portable devices to your car. It has a built-in Bluetooth® adapter which is perfect for phone call streaming and handsfree calling with an external voice microphone with distortion filter. You can also take control of your devices by connecting them to your in-dash receiver through the USB port.

And with integrated iPhone® and iPod® support you can connect directly to the Pandora Internet Radio or iTunes® from your car. APP mode is also improved for better compatibility with your smartphone applications.

If not enough you can always upgrade

For more demanding customers Pioneer® has left a lot of open options for upgrading your AVH-P6300BT and making it just the way you want it to be. It is HD Radio ready and has support for SIRIUS and XM Satellite radio.

It can also be equipped with the AVIC series navigation system or you can take advantage of your Smartphone’s GPS. You can also expand your car theatre capabilities by connecting additional LCD screens to your AVH multimedia receiver or improve your driving awareness by adding a rear view camera to your car.

It comes with a wireless remote control but it also has Steering Wheel Remote support which is always a good option.

Pioneer AVH-P6300BT - Save Over $100

All in One

If you demand top quality and will not satisfy with anything less, Pioneer AVH-P6300BT unit is the right choice for you while being one of the best in-dash multimedia receivers on the market right now and it certainly justifies Pioneer’s title as a leader in aftermarket car accessories.

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  1. Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was tlkain’ ’bout.

  2. Can I listen to music on my new ipod touch via bluetooth or do I have to have a cable connected to the unit in order to listen to my ipod?

    • Hi Terrell !
      I’m affraid that you have to connect your iPod via cable to be able to play the music. Bluetooth is used for the telephone features mostly…
      What unit are you interested in?

  3. whats the diference of the avh p5200bt?

    • Hi Arturo,
      these two units are very similar, but avh-p6300bt is newer model and does offer some advantages like better display, especially on sunny days and some improvements in sound quality.

  4. i purchased this unit last month, i’m just curious would it sound more better if it has a dedicated center
    speaker, or it doesn’t support at all?

    many thanks in advance!

    julius – vancouver canada